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If you're having issues with your computers, been compromised with a virus or have lost data, call 912-335-2225 for immediate assistance.



Our technicians design network solutions that are custom tailored to your business needs, while planning for security, scalability, monitoring and support.

At a fraction of the cost of in-house support.  Keep your network running lightning fast, efficiently, and with much less downtime than you've ever experienced before.

Arch Tech, LLC has over 60 years of combined experience in the computer repair and maintenance business. We focus on friendly, fast and affordable service for business and home computer systems and networks.

We service many different professional, medical and manufacturing environments in the area and pride ourselves in doing the job right the first time. We know, for a business to be successful, all of the computers on the network must be up and running. So, here at Arch Tech, we make sure that no computer is down for longer than it has to be. Since time means money, every customer of ours can have the confidence that we will be on site fast and that the affected system will be up and running with minimum down time. Courtesy and respect for our customers is one of our highest priorities.


Let Arch Tech Computer and Networking Solutions be the valued computer company that every business needs!

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