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Backup and Disaster Recovery
Arch Tech Computer and Networking Solutions offers disaster recovery and fully managed data backup solutions to make sure businesses minimize their risk from unknown catastrophes that compromises your valuable data.
You would be surprised but, many companies don't have any type of solid backup that is part of their regular practice. If there ever were to be some type of catastrophic system failure, years worth of essential work, contacts and information could be lost, leaving the company to pick up whatever pieces are left.  
We will help to evaluate your current situation and create a backup strategy that meets your business needs, and we will monitor those backups to make sure they are happening on a regular basis. Creating a contingency plans for your organization is all part of the process so you can recover as fast as possible if a disaster where to occur.
If you'’ve already been a victim of data loss, we will help with the entire recovery process, restoring as much data as possible and provide you with a better strategy to be sure that such an event does't happen again.
We offer a Free Backup and Disaster Recovery Assessment
It is very important to have a qualified technician perform a assessment of your critical data to assure that everything is accounted for. This Free Assessment will cover the following areas:
 •Do you have a easy to use, automatic back-up system that would ensure you won’t lose crucial data if something were to go wrong?
 •How often is your critical data backed up?
 •Do you check to make sure that all data is being copied properly and isn't corrupt after the backup is performed?
 •Do you have an offsite backup in case of natural disaster?
 •How well prepared are you for a disaster such as electrical outages, fire or flood?
 •Has your disaster recovery plan been tested?
 •Are your systems optimized to avoid crashes, data corruption or data loss?


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