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Network Security
Your network security is constantly being threatened by ever evolving viruses and hacking strategies.  Sometimes even employees that don't even realize it, may be compromising critical data and systems even at this very moment. The complexity of security solutions require an experienced and reliable technician.
Just simply adding firewalls are not enough to combat many of the current security risks we face today.
Arch Tech Computer and Networking Solutions team of security professionals constantly remain on the cutting edge of network and computer security.  We will develope many layers to your security defense plan, stay up to date on the latest security software and hardware that will help keep you one step ahead of the many computer related threats we come in contact on a daily basis.
Network Security Services
 •Security Risk Assessment
 •Virus / Malware Protection
 •Virus / Malware Removal
 •Firewall Policy Planning & Implementation
 •Intrusion Prevention / Detection Systems
 •VPN Solutions
 •Security Upgrades
Free Network Security Assessment
Creating a security plan should be done by an experienced professional.  At Arch Tech Computer and Networking Solutions we offer a free assessment of your current security situation and can show you how to combat many of the most severe threats.  Please ask yourself these questions:
 •Is your data accessible to hackers?
 •Are all of the holes in your security plan filled so viruses can't attack in the first place?
 •Do you have automatic backup in place incase data were to be compromised?
 •Is your network designed to avoid crashes, data corruption or loss?
 •Are you well prepared for threats such as electrical outages, fires or floods?
 •How do you protect your data as employees come and go?
 •How do you ensure that  only the right people see confidential information?
 •Do your systems meet legal requirements regarding privacy?
Once the Free Network Assessment is complete, we can provide you with all the recommendations, and as a team we can create a full suite of security solutions to implement for your business.


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