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IT Support for Healthcare
Solving many of today’s healthcare challenges doesn’t require experimental procedures.

Healthcare organizations are faced with countless numbers of software, hardware and vendor choices.

With promises of Federal dollars, even more vendors sprout-up and claim expertise. Meanwhile, more demands are placed on clinics and hospitals to provide authorized access to information while maintaining some of the highest levels of uptime. Balancing these needs with the needs of a community of physicians, third party providers and employees to affordably centralize clinical records is an overwhelming task.
Armed with trade-journals, vendor advice and backed by providers who believe there is a better way, Administrators and Office Managers face an up-hill battle to find a local technology resource who can help them navigate the IT landscape.
Arch Tech Computer and Networking Solutions understands the challenges facing healthcare organizations and has proven success deploying solutions to combat these challenges. Arch Tech Computer and Networking Solutions brings technology to the point of care, guides decision-making process, and connects physician groups, hospitals, labs, radiology practices and surgery centers for seamless, real-time information sharing.
Software Integration

With familiarity in a broad range of software, we engage with vendors to help find applications to meet your practice’s individual needs. Arch Tech Computer and Networking Solutions will then assist with vendor selection and software integration.


Arch Tech Computer and Networking Solutions  keeps up-to-date on the latest compliance issues facing healthcare organizations. We validate solutions to answer business objectives with compliant solutions.
Business Continuity
Healthcare organizations have the responsibility of managing an environment that ensures continuous access to information, maintaining a high-level of care. Tailoring a business continuity solution to the unique needs of a practice depend on the environment, hours, practice are and the needs of external providers. Arch Tech Computer and Networking Solutions can help determine proper risk-levels, protect critical information and develop a solution to meet these objectives.
Additional Healthcare IT Services include:
 •Emergency Troubleshooting
 •Disaster Recovery
 •Computer Installation and Troubleshooting
 •Network Security Assessment
 •Server and desktop virtualization
 •Technology renovation, system migration and project management
 •High-availability server and business continuity services
 •Email and communications systems design and integration
 •Secure remote access and Internet-edge security
 •Storage Area Network and Network Attached Storage
 •System training
 •High-level Network Consulting


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