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Network Cabling Installation
Arch Tech Computer and Networking Solutions provides a full range of IT infrastructure and network cable installation services for commercial customers. We specialize in installations of low voltage structured cabling systems for data and video equipment.
A network infrastructure depends on having the right cabling and hardware to reach its full potential.  Many times network bandwidth is compromised by faulty wiring and subpar materials being used.  
Based on your current configuration, we will determine what is needed to solidify your IT infrastructure, while keeping in mind your needs for future scalability.
We offer a variety of top quality cabling and connectivity solutions from leading manufactures such as Cisco, Netgear, Belkin and more. This makes it easy for us to design a cabling solution for your every day needs.
Our Cabling services include:
 •Cat5e, Cat6 cable runs
 •Data and video wiring
 •Structured cabling solution
 •Wireless networking
 •Infrastructure moves, adds and changes
 •High-speed internet access
 •Gigabit Ethernet wiring for use with 100/1000 Base-T Ethernet networks
 •Free Site Surveys and Estimates


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